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About Rebecca Ketchum - E-RYT 500

Drawn to yoga's non-competitive and healing nature, I see yoga as a practice of self-observance using breath, space, and body awareness as a guide. Tias Little calls it one of the great "internal arts" which is what it feels like to me. During my self practice I look inward and explore my organs, tissues, emotions. I'm not only interested in my own 'internal art" but I am also trying to codify a language I can use to help me guide others. My work has been shaped by decades of dance training and performing, teaching children, adapting movement for wheelchair bound patients, and my heros/mentors Katy Bowman, Nikki Villela, Genny Kapuler, Jillian Turecki-Baer, Nevine Michaan, Tias Little, Pina Bausch, and Amy Matthews. 

Group Classes: Structured around sthira (steadiness) and sukha (ease), my classes include elements of my background in Iyengar, Ashtanga, dance, and Kundalini. I try leave students full of new information yet clear-headed, light yet grounded, strong yet nimble. 

Therapeutics and Privates: I help create and maintain holistic health and wellness programs along with a team of physical & manual therapists, and acupuncturists at Kima Center for Physiotherapy and Wellness. I also work with private clients to help them live a more peaceful, pain-free life through therapeutic yoga in their homes or in my studio in Brooklyn. 

Teacher Trainings & Retreats: I'm on the YTT faculty at House of Jai YogaKula Yoga ProjectLoom Yoga Center, Sacred Fig, and Crane Yoga School.  Hashing out the nuances of yoga with others who wish to become teachers nurtures and sustains me. I travel around the world leading retreats, trainings, and workshops on anything from the spine to inversions to pranayama.  Keep an eye on my Events and Retreats page for upcoming retreats and workshops.




My movement background:

PHYSIGLOBAL YOGA THERAPEUTICS: Diana Zoto, Helen O'Neill, Emily Tomlinson

AYURVEDIC PREMA YOGA THERAPYDana Slamp, Nevine Michaan, and Ali Cramer

THE BREATHING PROJECT: Embodied Anatomy & Kinesiology w/Amy Matthews

KULA: Art of Teaching Kula Style - Advanced Teacher Training w/Schulyer Grant

PURE YOGA: Advanced Teacher Training w/Lori McAlister



HARVARD UNIVERSITY: Arts in Education (Dance), M.Ed. 

STREET YOGA: Teaching yoga to homeless and at-risk youth



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"I really enjoy Rebecca's classes. She has a very calm and welcoming presence. She allows space for you to take your yoga practice in the direction that you feel comfortable with. She makes helpful and nonjudgemental suggestions and modifications that will increase your understanding of the poses and the positioning of your body."

"I do yoga for both spiritual and physical exercise. I feel that Rebecca's class provides a calm nonjudgmental space to allow for both. I would describe her classes as present, present to your practice and your body."

"I always feel well taken care of in Rebecca's classes, but never micromanaged. Her sequences are intuitive and fresh. She creates an environment where I feel challenged and safe."

"I like that she is always teaching something new and how she approaches her sequences with a sense of adventure and articulates them very precisely. I always feel that my body and mind have had a good workout and feel refreshed when we are finished. "

"I think Rebecca's pacing is spot on, she takes her time to get everyone on board, then picks up the pace for a wonderful flow. This helps open me up to new understanding of my practice."

"I can tell that Rebecca puts a ton of thought and her considerable experience into each class, it feels like we are building toward something and I really appreciate it."

"Rebecca's classes are rigorous and elegant - no excessive frills. I leave each class with a deep sense of bliss, and exhaustion. But I feel like I have gone through something meaningful and successful. Rebecca sets up her classes to challenge ourselves, and she scaffolds the class so that we can meet those challenges."