Yoga Teacher


intro to philosophy workshop w/me

sat, nov.2 3-7@ Kula Yoga Williamsburg $70 in Advance $80 Day-of

To register, email or Call Kula Brooklyn at 347.463.9886.

In yoga classes we tend to focus on the asana or postural aspects of yoga, but there is much more to the yogic tradition. Yoga's history is rich, complex, and not without fault. We will explore both its dark and light aspects and how they've helped shape the yoga world as we know it today. Learning about yoga philosophy changed the way I participate in the world. It deepened my understanding the “self” and universal consciousness. I hope to share these lessons with others and I do my best to keep it light-hearted but honest. Through discussion, close readings, and lecture we’ll unpack various aspects of yoga philosophy, but mainly the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. Fair warning: there will be a keynote presentation involved and very little movement.

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Rebecca’s interest in the philosophy of yoga has led her to study with Manorma, Seth Powell, and Rhagav-ji, among others. While she understands that the Yoga sutras are not yoga’s only important texts, she sees them as a good point of entry into the complexities of yoga philosophy. Rebecca acknowledges that she teaches from an etic (outside of the culture) perspective and addresses issues of cultural appropriation and the long history of injustices that accompany yoga. In addition to teaching yoga at Kula, Rebecca is on the faculty of several yoga teacher training schools around the world