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Yoga publications sans supreme spandex? Anyone?

Yogadork and yogadawg – thank you.  I do love me some blogs. But the luddite in me is on a quest to find a yoga magazine I can bring on the subway that doesn’t reek of rancid marketing ploys.  I know this sounds harsh and, I promise, I’m not trying to be a hater, but I’ve yet to find a yoga magazine that “speaks” to me.

But wait!  They’re oh so thick! And the glossy covers! And the promises of finding bliss!  All true! But what graces the pages of these chunky mags?

One day I will do a percentage breakdown of actual yogic content vs. glossy ads…  stay tuned for my highly rigorous study in a future post.  I predict 80% slick ads to 20% actual yogic material. Sure, magazines need ads for revenue; but with other subjects, it seems there are a variety of magazines on the genre so you can choose the one that falls in your sweet spot on the spectrum. Ugggh. I’ve found no such variety in the realm of yoga. 

BUT I’M SURE THERE’S SOMETHING OUT THERE! Right? Anyone know of any mags with more worthwhile articles and fewer ads with gals in supreme spandex trying to look natural? I have to admit I’ve only purchased about 7-ish yoga magazines in my life but I can’t bring myself to buy another because the first were so disappointing. What do you guys think? Know of anything good?