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Restorative Sidebend

Open the seams of the side body over 3 blocks (you might need more or less depending on your proportions) stacked and a pillow/bolster on top. Play with the arms. You can't see it but my bottom knee is down on a blanket and the top leg is extended. Imagine someone is pulling your top foot away from you. A wave of energy flowed up and down the side of my body and it was Magnificent. I stayed here about 2.5 nearly psychedelic minutes.

Shine light into the ribs...

Exhale as you side bend. Inhale back to center. Keep the legs and pelvis as stable as possible. Imagine the sun is shining directly into the outer seam of your left ribs when you side bend right and vice versa. Do this over and over again. I like to start very slowly then move faster and faster- almost like a kundalini kriya.