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Leg Swings for days

Channeling my college dance days here... Exhale drop knees to the right and swing the left leg and arm across the body inhale pass through center. Exhale drop to the left and so on. Go with gravity. Let go of effort and control of the body and give in to momentum (hidden life lesson!). Think of it as a pendulum swing with the greatest velocity reached at the bottom of the swing. It is a beautiful way to hydrate the hip and shoulder joints and turn off the thinking mind. Typically you would keep the swinging leg's big toe connected to the earth but it doesn't quite work with a non-slippery surface or yoga mat so I broke the rules and did it free floating and it felt good. I could do these for hours and hours. 

1 hour intermediate vinyasa yoga class.  We will do some flow, some longer holds, sun salutations, forearm stand, and headstand. We’ll focus on pressing the elbows into the surface beneath feel the rebound of gravity up through the body in headstand, forearm stand, and extended side angle. This action of pressing the elbows down also helps to integrate the shoulder blades on the back.