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Prana - breath/energy/life force 
yama- harness/regulate/control/channel 

Breath is an autonomic function but, with practice, we can harness it’s power to change our energy levels, calm our minds, increase the capacity of our lungs, bring more oxygen supply to the body, & fortify our organs. It often takes a backseat to asana but I believe it should be front and center. I resisted learning it at first because it wasn’t as sensational as learning handstands and wild poses. I was wrong. It’s powerful and life changing. Try it. 
1942 Magazine Article on Yoga

This may be old but they get some things right. I felt like using a point system this morning. 

  • +1 for even talking about yoga while World War I is raging
  • +1 point for admitting they’re simplifying yoga by only talking about the poses and the breathing.
  • -1 point for talking about “achievement”
  • +1 point for acknowledging that “Yogis advise that you choose the exercises most comfortable for you”
  • +1 point for suggesting you learn some breathing techniques and yoga philosophy before delving into the poses
  • -1 for showing the model in a weird slouchy posture while seated in Lotus

Enjoy! #ifiwerealivein1942ihopeidbeayogi