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Restorative Sidebend

Open the seams of the side body over 3 blocks (you might need more or less depending on your proportions) stacked and a pillow/bolster on top. Play with the arms. You can't see it but my bottom knee is down on a blanket and the top leg is extended. Imagine someone is pulling your top foot away from you. A wave of energy flowed up and down the side of my body and it was Magnificent. I stayed here about 2.5 nearly psychedelic minutes.

Shine light into the ribs...

Exhale as you side bend. Inhale back to center. Keep the legs and pelvis as stable as possible. Imagine the sun is shining directly into the outer seam of your left ribs when you side bend right and vice versa. Do this over and over again. I like to start very slowly then move faster and faster- almost like a kundalini kriya. 

Don't sit all day. Don't stand all day. Change positions (like Aaliyah said).

I love this excerpt directly from Katy Bowman's blog Nutritious Movement:

"So, we’ve got a situation where sitting constantly is creating disease and standing constantly is creating disease. Do you see the theme? Although the research and media are going to probably miss the boat on this one, the problem isn’t the sitting (or the standing, for that matter), but the constant and continuous use of a single position.

...As many anthropologists know, the way we move is mostly a result of our cultural inheritances and has very little to go with genetics. Clothing, terrain, temperature, gender, class, and fear are only a few of the many factors that affect how we adjust our joints when sitting and standing. Gordon W. Hewes reported on about 100 resting postures of the world, and I have posted this image from the study so you can see, perhaps, why our Western joint health and metabolism (which is dependent on muscle length) is the poorest in the world.

So, we need to think bigger. There is more than just sitting and standing. Create ten different options of each! If you have a standing work station, stand a few different ways every hour. When you sit, sit a few different ways every hour. Open your mind and open your joints! When you get home, stay out of your chairs and try out a lot of these Worldly Options. (Note: If you don’t have a spear, a broom may work…) Circle the ones you can’t maintain for longer than five minutes and make a note to practice that posture at the beginning and the end of an exercise session. And, parents, don’t insist that kids sit in the same fashion as us stiffer folks and allow them to explore other options. And, join them! They can teach you something about natural movement.

Also, if you do spend a yoga/stretching class cycling through10 or so of these postures, know that while this cycle is a good thing, getting back into the sitting position the other 6-10 hours of the day reduces your health just the same. Adjust the way you sit, as often as possible for a real, deep, and cellular change."