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I Rarely Teach Shoulder Stand

Read this article from the folks at SMARTer bodies. I don't often teach shoulder stand either. When I do, it's highly propped. All of the information here is solid but I could definitely do without the snark which I think is meant to be funny. It's not funny to me and I think it pushes away the very people who should consider removing shoulder stand from their practice. Anyway, read it.

Hyper-mobility Syndrome

Read this article by Bernadette Birny. As a hyper flexible person, I understand wanting to sink into poses - it used to feel oh so good. Now, I have become a hyper conservative on the mat and I rarely do full expressions of poses. My body feels much better, especially my joints. Yoga teachers, let's try to help the hypermobile resist sinking into their joints before injury occurs. Provide boundaries for students.