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Alternative Sun Salutations

Alternate Sun Salutations variation with very little weight-bearing on the wrists, no chatturanga, and elements I think are lacking in most yoga classes (natural movement, pulling, work to encourage scapular stability, etc...). Flow this sequence as shown a couple of times then go though the sequence slower holding each shape 3-5 breaths. Because it is a flow, I din't get to tell you to engage your hamstrings as you forward fold. Especially if you are very mobile like I am. I was inspired to make this from watching Trina Altman's "creative sun salutations" video which you can watch here:

The disclaimer at the beginning is something I wish someone had told me when I first began doing yoga. Instead, all my teachers told me to do yoga every day. Here it is in case you missed it. Disclaimer: This is a yoga video but please don’t only include yoga in your movement diet. I can’t in good faith say “#yogaeverydamnday” when I know that’s what caused me injury. Do other types of movement: deadlifts, hamstring curls, pull ups, dance, hike, walk, run, climb, etc… It’s ok to do yoga everyday! But do other stuff. For more info on varying your movement diet and the issues that can come with repetitive movement follow Katy Bowman, Alex Auder, Trina Altman, Jules Mitchell, Giulia Pline, Ariana Rabinovich, Diane Bruni, Kathryn Bruni, and Diana Zotos to name a few.