Yoga Teacher


It's not you. It's your bones.

Last week a student was telling me his neck felt like it was crunching when he was in headstands. Oh, waah waah. Just kidding! This is serious- especially when it comes to the spine. So,  I gave him the old humerus test (see below). AHA! Turns out his alignment was correct but his humerus (upper arm bone) was not long enough to protect his neck!  
The old humerus test.
If your Humerus is too short for a safe Sirsasana A then…
I swear. Sometimes I smile.
So there you have it. The shapes of our bones and joints directly dictate the way we engage in yoga poses. It’s not that you’re slacking off or that you aren’t strong or flexible enough; sometimes it just comes down to a straight-up anatomical road block. Solution: find a modification for the pose that better suits the architectural make-up of your bone structure.  By embracing “what is” you might become closer to finding a peaceful and healthy asana practice. Sthira sukham asanam!

Speaking of bones, here is a bon(e)us clip of Fred Astaire and Cyd Charisse dancing in “D’em Bones Cafe” - Fresh choreography! Also, check out Cyd’s legs for some of the longest femurs I’ve ever seen.