Yoga Teacher


I like parables.

A man decided to go walking in the heat. He quickly became lost and dehydrated. He continued walking, and the more he walked, the worse he felt. Soon, he was so tired and dehydrated that he began to see mirages of water. He chased these mirages, desperate for relief. The more he chased the mirages, the worse he felt.

Miraculously, in his wanderings, he stumbled upon a real river. He sat at the river’s edge, and looked at the water longingly. Another wanderer passed by, and asked the dehydrated and exhausted man why he did not drink from the river. “Clearly you are thirsty,” he said. “Why don’t you help yourself?”

The dehydrated and exhausted man said, “Oh, this river is far too much for me to drink. I could never finish it.”