Yoga Teacher


Thumbs to Hips Forward Fold (Uttanasana) Tips

This feels oh so good. Another variation on the "thumb to hip crease" theme. Many people fold forward at the waist which leads to compression & back pain. Instead, on an inhale, place the thumbs in the hip creases and vigorously pull them back. In opposition, reach the lungs forward to elongate the spine. Exhale, fold over your legs from the hip creases. Give another tug of the hip creases up to the ceiling once you're in the fold to help lift the ASIS (fronts of hip points) off the thighs. Flexy people, don't dump the belly towards the floor on your way into the fold. Keep weight evenly distributed in fronts & backs of feet rather than loading the weight in the heels. If you can't fold with out hunching your back, bend your knees. Prioritize length in the spine NOT your hamstrings. Also, try not to be distracted by my gorgeous husband in the background.