Yoga Teacher

Online Classes

Well-rounded vinyasa class with some flowing, a few longer holds, room for self-guided practice, time for an inversion, and a calming sequence to close. Two yoga blocks are recommended but you absolutely don't need them. We will play with some standing postures by standing up on the blocks to work the intrinsic muscles of the feet, hone ankle/knee/hip stability, and to give our nervous system some new movement patterns to process. We will also work on getting up from and down to the floor without using our hands. This Spotify playlist works well with the class. If you get tired of that one, this one goes well, too.

1 hour intermediate vinyasa yoga class with some flow, some longer holds, sun salutations, forearm stand, and headstand. Class focuses on pressing the elbows into the surface beneath to feel the rebound of gravity up through the body in headstand, forearm stand, and extended side angle. This action of pressing the elbows down also helps to integrate the shoulder blades on the back.